Belt bend

  • Safe transportation of Food and Non-Food products
  • Standard band widths between 200 mm and 2500 mm (in steps of 50 mm)
  • Standard angles are between 30° and 270°. Angles of belt bends can be adapted to customer requirements.
  • Reliable transport even of very small products via belt edges with diversion rollers of 6, 10 or 14 mm.
  • Stainless steel design depending on hygiene requirements.
  • The conveyor belt type is determined by your product specification and your individual requirements, e.g. friction, cleaning etc.
  • Over 40 years of experience in building belt bends
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  • Low machine height, allowing the stacking of various belt components
  • The conveyor belt is pulled throughout, allowing for a regular and slip-free movement.
  • The chain is low-maintenance with only minimal wear due to automatic lubrication and tensioning.
  • High standard of hygiene thanks to downwardly open design.
  • Cylindrical and small end rollers for optimal product transfer between belt components
  • Customized dimensions allow for a seamless integration into your line.
  • Easy belt change, either upward or towards the center, without requiring disassembly of sub-frame components
Widths 200 mm to 2500 mm
(in steps of 50 mm)
Angles 30° to 270°
Available models stainless steel
Belt speed up to 150 m/min at outer radius
Knife edge 6 mm
Diversion roller Ø 6, 10, 14 mm
Products unpackaged or packaged
  • Belt drive with servo motor
  • Ceiling suspension
  • Sub-frame on rollers, mobile
  • Stainless steel model
  • Belt scraper, with or without crump plate
  • Electronic control
  • Other options on request

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